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Pit bull Terrier's

Pit bull terrier or type dogs as defined by the Dangerous Dogs act 1991, can be of the following dog types:

Pit bull terriers are difficult to distinguish from other bull breed dogs as many are a cross between bull dogs breeds and other larger dog breeds.

pit bull terrier

Pitbull’s terriers are a medium sized (45cm to 55cm or 18inchs to 22inchs in height at shoulders) muscular in appearance dog. The coat can be any colour but should be smooth, shiny and short haired with a bristled touch. The dog’s profile should be square with a wedge shaped head (from top or side) with a broad jawbone. Pitbull’s ears should be short to medium in length highly placed on skull with the ear tips folded sideward’s or forward. The pitbull’s eyes should be small and almond to round shaped. The neck should be well formed and muscular all way to back of head. The chest and back should be broad with sloping hips. The tail should be thick at base and reducing to a point.

Pitbull terrier's are intelligent and loyal to their families. They are friendly in nature even to strangers as long as they are trained and socialised properly at a young age. It is uncharacteristic for pitbull terriers to show aggression towards people but may towards other dogs. They have high prey drive and will chase other animals like cats or rabbits, especially if the animals flee. Pitbull's are very energetic and need plenty of exercise.