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Rottweiler’s command respect and are often approached with caution. This may have put you off even considering one as a family pet. If this is how you feel, please take the time to read this article on this magnificent dog breed and see if your feelings have changed at all.

It is thought that the present day Rottweiler is actually a descendant of the Roman mastiff. The Roman army used these animals to herd cattle and as watchdogs. In around 700AD further ancestors of these mastiffs were being used for herding and as beasts of burden in the city that would eventually become Rottweil in Germany.

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The breed standard for a modern Rottweiler is that it has a beautiful black coat with tan markings. If there are straw or white colourings, as this would suggest that it is a mixed breed and not a pure Rottweiler.

The first thing that strikes you about a Rottweiler is the size. Not only the size overall, but the size of its head in relation to the rest of its body. Rottweiler does also have a trademark look of being alert, caused by a wrinkly forehead. Their coat is particularly special, as the overcoat is medium length, while the undercoat has incredible waterproofing qualities. This means that they do not require much work to keep them looking their best.

Rottweilers are known for their formidable size and strength, but did you know that the booming bark that sets them apart from other dogs is completely non-existent until they reach about 2 or 3 years old. This makes Rottweiler’s a great choice if you are after a puppy that doesn't bark!

As we have mentioned, and you will know doubt know, Rottweiler’s are known for their brute strength and intimidating stature. One thing you may not have realised is that they are also known for their loyalty and surprisingly their calmness. They are intelligent enough that they don't take action in the first instance. They have the ability to calmly assess a situation and act accordingly in due time.

With any dog, though in particular bigger breeds, it's important to know about exercise and other training that may be required. Rottweiler’s want to learn, which makes them much easier to train than a lot of breeds. They require a lot of exercise, both physical but also mentally, to keep them busy and stop them being bored. One important aspect of their training is socialisation, as they are fiercely loyal towards their own pack, or family.

They should be interacted with other animals and people from an early age, to ensure they grow into a well-balanced friendly animal. Though the advice is that you should take the adoption centre or shelter route when looking for a new dog to help find an abandoned animal a home, if Rottweiler is your breed of choice, it would be best to avoid this avenue. The reason being, if a Rottweiler has been mistreated in the past, even with the best rehabilitation, there could still be the chance that it will fall back on its antisocial, violent tendencies. When looking for a Rottweiler puppy, it is best to get them at puppy age.

A Rottweiler could prove to be the best dog you choose for you and your family. They have an unmatched loyalty to their family. Always make sure you visit the kennel or home that you are purchasing a puppy from to ensure that they are being trained and raised correctly. By using some of the information in this article, I am sure you will find the best Rottweiler dog for your whole family.